Running faster without getting tired is not impossible if we take care of some aspects such as how to eat, hydrate and breathe, as well as wearing good shoes. Taking care of our diet will imply losing weight, by losing weight and doing a lot of exercise, the amount of fat decreases and muscle mass increases, so we will need less oxygen when running and we will tire less. If we improve these aspects, we can optimize both the effort we make and the performance we obtain. Fortunately, many people choose to take care of themselves, avoid a sedentary lifestyle to stay in shape. One of the favorite activities is running but as you exercise you want to achieve more speed and feel less tired. Running faster and getting less tired is possible by following some guidelines and being consistent. We will show you how to do it.

Instructions to run faster and get less tired

  1. First of all, all physical activity requires time to practice in order to improve it. If you want to run faster and get less tired, you should practice for a while, gradually increasing the amount of time or the distance covered.
  2. Keep in mind that appropriate footwear and clothing are essential, uncomfortable running is unhealthy.
  3. Stretching your muscles before and after running is essential for your health.
  4. Food and hydration are basic when it comes to physical exercise. Carbohydrates, sugars and fluids help maintain the energy and hydration needed to run without getting tired.
  5. During exercise you should regularly drink small amounts of water, without waiting to feel thirsty. It is not good to drink excess water or eat large meals before going for a run.
  6. A balanced diet is essential because together with exercise it will allow you to get rid of fat and have a greater amount of muscle mass. This will give you power and speed.
  7. When we run, the tiredness that we feel is due to poor muscular oxygenation, therefore, to run without getting tired, it is very important to take regular breaths, even when we do not feel tired.
  8. We must breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth rhythmically, adapting the breath to the rhythm of the race.
  9. To run without getting tired, it is advisable to take long steps, not close your fists and maintain a comfortable constant speed.
  10. To increase speed, it is good to practice series of short and fast snatches.
  11. Another important practice is to run on slopes, uphill and try to maintain the speed that we had.
  12. We must not be anxious and pretend to improve quickly. The greatest resistance is achieved in the long term and along with it the possibility of running without getting so tired.

What do you need to run faster and get less tired?

  • time to train
  • Good running shoes
  • Appropriate sports attire
  • Stopwatch to control time

Tips to run faster and get less tired

The psychological factor also influences; To prevent this from making us feel more tired than we really are, it is important to set ourselves specific goals or routes and simply run, without thinking about the effort we are making.


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